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Dated: January 4 2021

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Many real estate agents form a personal bond with their clients and have a desire to go above and beyond. But broker Francisco Arceo with The Villalba Team at Fresh Look Real Estate not only goes above and beyond… sometimes he goes below and into the crawl space.

When Francisco met a young Marysville couple and their daughter Penelope, they were looking to buy their first home. They found a home in their price point in the perfect neighborhood. As first-time buyers, they qualified for a Down Payment Assistance Program, which allowed them to come in without a down payment. By negotiating to have the seller pay their closing costs, they were going to be able to purchase their home - only paying $800 out of pocket.

Francisco recalls that before closing, they ran into a hiccup that could have affected the sale or caused the buyers to have to come up with additional money. “During inspection, the inspector noted that the vapor barrier in the crawlspace needed to be fixed. My buyers were concerned, so the next thing you know… I was out the following day gearing up in my white zip-up disposable coveralls, climbing into the crawlspace to fix the problem. I did what I had to do to make my clients happy!”

When the appraisal came back under the value the lender required, Francisco managed to save the deal by having the seller reduce the home price to its appraised value AND still convinced them to cover the closing costs. What a great outcome! His clients were so appreciative about the opportunity to own their first home.

Becoming a homeowner instead of continuing to rent is a big step in investing in your financial future; especially when you don’t see it as a possibility. One of Francisco’s favorite client memories is of a family he met while they were touring a rental property. Instead, he helped them become homeowners!

“I was hosting an open house for a rental unit in Burien, when a young couple came in to tour the home. After getting to know them for a few minutes, I asked if they had considered buying instead of renting,” Francisco said.

He had them meet with a lender at Wells Fargo where they learned that, not only were they approved for a home loan, they also qualified for a down payment assistance program. The young couple found a home they loved that was perfect for them and their pup, Hank. After closing, they were able to start the next chapter of their lives as new homeowners.

“It was just an awesome feeling to help someone who thought they only qualified to rent and watch them fulfill a bigger dream of actually becoming homeowners,” Francisco commented. He continued, “They were super appreciate to have me guide them to the step of ownership when they didn’t even think that was an option for them.”

If you’ve thought about buying your first home, but just don’t know where to start… or if you’re currently renting because you never thought you would qualify to own your own home, Fresh Look Real Estate can help!

Contact us today to get started!

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