June Community Spotlight Award

Dated: June 20 2021

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Introducing Our June Community Spotlight Award Recipient!

At Fresh Look, we put the needs of our clients first and we are passionate about our mission: to be the premier investment-minded real estate brokerage in the Pacific Northwest. Being a part of this community gives us the responsibility to back give back to help our neighbors, and our brokers do just that every day. Each month, we honor one of them with The Fresh Look Community Spotlight Award. The award recipient receives some great prizes and members of our community get to hear about the work our brokers are doing to improve the lives of people in Western Washington.  

This month’s recipient is Keiko Okada Lujan. Keiko is a big advocate for small businesses in and around King County. She has worked with the Chinatown/International District, helping to promote the businesses and restaurants through holiday marketing campaigns and neighborhood events. She helped in safety and sanitation by attending City of Seattle/Dept of Neighborhoods board meetings and sharing the needs of the neighborhood.  She volunteers her time to help the teachers and students at a south Bellevue community center as well as to her neighborhood watch. She works to support small businesses and minority business owners by sharing their products, services and stories and promoting them on social media!  

Keiko says she likes to help and finds joy in it.  “Helping people just comes so naturally to me and it just makes me feel good to know that my time and dedication on guiding, providing assistance, and/or simply giving a hand can change someone’s day/week/month.”

Thanks for giving back, Keiko; and congratulations for being the June recipient of Fresh Look’s Community Spotlight Award!


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